Plank-it CC

Welcome Plank-it’s home page.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Plank-it is situated on Sans Souci Farm in the Kamberg in KwaZulu Natal.

Plank-it has various operations that operate:


- we grow our own timber (Gum-Nitens & Pine-Patula)

- saw timber to your specifications, mainly structural and black-cross timber

- manufacture pallets (for blocks, potatoes, ect..) as well as awesome multipurpose benches/tables!


Trucking Transport

- x 1 8Ton trucks, x1 12Ton truck & x2 24Ton Trucks

- transport mainly in KZN and charged on the rolling km!


Hay Bales

- constant supply of hay bales throughout the year

- good quality eating and bedding big round hay bales

- we deliver the hay as well, 20 bales to a 8ton truck and 40 bales to a 24ton truck



- self-catering accommodation available, with breath taking views of the Drakensberg mountains.

- We also have a bush camp for the avid campers!



- horse trails

- horses for sale

- annual horse events

- proposal/engagement rides

- birthday rides